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SPIDER MAN- FRIEND OR FOE: Enjoyable twist on the popular franchise

Last updated on: 10/12/2013 by Hema Bhandari

Spider man: friend or foe is fun and entertainment. Although the movies of it have been credited with comic-book movies mature. But they are so complex and serious with their serious heroes and villains. However the game focuses on the kind of combat which is showy yet simple. The artistic style may remind you that comic books should not be so somber.

The story follows a comet from other space containing the Venom parasite tears apart upon coming in the earth’s atmosphere. Parts of the comet are sent moving across of the world and unfortunately the Venom virus has been affecting other opponents of Spider Man. These enemies are controlled by a boss, who has his own team. The team is made up of holographic creatures that can attack. Spider Man is sent out on a mission. He has to break the mind control on his enemies and take out the boss. Simple theories and plot are the great ingredients which work well for this game. You will have to unfold variety of characters along with plenty of cracks from Spider man and his enemies. You will not only have to control Spider Man but team up with the characters through the entire gaming. The game begins with few unlocked characters to team up and you need to unlock other additional characters after you beat them in the game. At a time, you can team up with one character only and the beginning characters are surely not the one you want to team up with.

The gameplay is somewhat similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It is a straight Beat-em up that does not strives for anything else. The level designing and the enemies are repetitive. However voice acting was top notch from spider man to other characters. Overall it is a well made game.

Spider Man: friend or doe has all the elements of the film. Team up with classic enemies is a good premise for the game. It features two player Co-op gameplay which is very nice especially in a beat-em up. The graphics are awesome and even should please hardcore comic book artistic fans. However it’s a short game. Gameplay is quite repetitive. Moreover level designs (after a couple of levels) bog down the game. In addition to that, low level of challenge with cartoon inspired look make it seems as if the game was designed with a less sophisticated audience or a younger in mind. All in all, it is a well crafted game.


playful sense of humour
flashy action
clean visual style
easy pick up
great cast of characters with solid voice acting
well crafted gameplay



low level of challenge

short game
sidekicks not as fun to play as Spidey
less variety

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe screenshot

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