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Deluxe Pacman


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Developer: Neil Roy
File size: 12.7 MB
License: Free
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Deluxe Pacman Free Download

Deluxe Pacman is one of the most evergreen games

Last updated on: 01/01/2014 by Hema Bhandari

Deluxe Pacman is a game for which one never gets very old. This game relives old times. Yet again enganchandote this fun maze full of balls that must be eaten before the wicked spirits do the same with you.

There are 63 levels in total. You will have to check your speed of movement and show your skill with the keys, in addition to that some extra helpings of the game.

There are some recent changes including changed OPTIONS menu, added sound and music volume slider or control, bug fixes etc.  Moreover the game is now running in Windows 7 and Vista. Also it can now auto detect your desktop resolution and set the game’s resolution to match it

Overall Deluxe Pacman is an old classic game that can be enjoyed by players of any age.



  • Great graphics
  • 63 levels
  • Relive your old times


  • Almost outdated


Deluxe Pacman screenshot

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