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Surgeon Simulator 2013


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Surgeon Simulator 2013Free Download

Medical Simulation: The heart surgeon to save lives!

In the free Surgeon Simulator 2013, the player leads a virtual surgeon through life-saving operations.

The player assumes the role of Nigel Burke. The problem is Nigel transplant organs of medicine but has no idea.

As a TV hero save lives

At the first start of Surgeon simulator 2013 drowned the music of the British hospital series Casualty from the speakers. On the operating table, a patient with an open chest is waiting for his transplant. Against time, the player must transplant a new heart, without leading to great loss of blood.

Surgery simulation or game of skill?

The malice of Surgeon Simulator 2013 is in control. With mouse or keyboard to operate the hand of the surgeon. The movements are hardly controllable. Each finger has to be controlled separately so that the handle itself to simple objects like a saw as a challenge.

Left and right of the patient are numerous utensils. Saw, hammer, scalpel, radio, cup: What is required for the operation, the player may have to experiment to find out. Until the first operation succeeds, one needs many attempts.

At the end of surgery Surgeon simulator 2013 shows a summary of the game in addition to the operation time, the amount of residual blood and a general assessment holds.

Conclusion: macabre, macabre!

Appearances are deceptive: In the guise of a doctor simulation actually hidden in Surgeon simulator 2013 a game of skill with all the usual ingredients and a very high degree of difficulty. Looking beyond the macabre features of the game away, you can casually learn about the human anatomy.

  • educational
  • challenging
  • authentic representations of human anatomy
  • unusual game
  • very difficult control
  • no help
  • macabre




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