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Preview of the new Minecraft: Mine worker and transportation of raw materials

The hit game Minecraft awakens the creativity in the player. In a world of multi-colored dice to collect building materials, erected protective caves from the hostile environment and builds primitive building to splendid palaces. The prerelease offered here also shows functions that are now in Minecraft collection.

In the pre-release versions of Minecraft players can try out new features before they fit Minecraft creator Notch in the final game.

Improved trade, new monster equipped with underground mining and commodities

In Minecraft 1.2 new animals were added as the feline Ocelot, in version 1.3 enjoyed improved dispenser for the drop of water Lohren messengers and friends and mine buddy. Minecraft 1.4 equips beyond the relatively new Zombie Pigman with new utensils. Minecraft 1.5 Redstone new leads around the block a lot of improvements for raw underground mining.

New Work opportunities

Also normal skeletons and zombies get different equipment depending on the difficulty level. Villagers respond well to trade successfully completed. The opposite happens when you upset. With the anvil-block to repair damaged items from Minecraft 1.4 and renames it on request. Practically, the transport trains, Minecraft 1.5, adds value to fully functioning Loren.

Conclusion: Rewarding views of Minecraft news for hobbyist experimentation

Anyone who gets involved with Minecraft, is quickly captured by the unusual charm of the game. There are always new things to discover and do. Fans of this exceptional find in the game Minecraft Prerelease much new to discover, which will soon find its way into the finished game. Since this is an early test version, it can cause crashes and other problems.

Recent changes

  • The current version includes horses, donkeys and mules, and equipment for the animals in the game.
  • awakens the creativity
  • very varied
  • allows testing of future game content
  • graphically rather simplistic
  • not always stable running





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