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GTA: Vice City


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Developer: Rockstar Games
File size: 1.39 GB
License: Paid
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Mac

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City continues the popular gangster series of Grand Theft Auto.Located in the 80s, the player beats through the criminal milieu reminiscent of a Miami city.

The character of GTA: Vice City stranded in the style similar to Miami City Vice City. With empty pockets you stick with odd jobs and soon becomes entangled in criminal activity. This leads GTA: Vice City, the game character from the picturesque beach about stinking swamps to dark ghettos. The gameplay is not subject to straight-line path and invites for free exploration.

Better than the original 
GTA: Vice City is basically an extension of GTA III, but brings many improvements.This includes improved graphics, fresher soundtracks, new setting, weapons and vehicles. As a highlight, the player may even piloting seaplanes. Action and missions in GTA: Vice City GTA III compared with complex and authentic.Especially a lot of fun preparing it to involve police in rapid chases.

GTA: Vice City is an outstanding action game. The huge open world, a variety of tasks, weapons and vehicles make for days of fun. Especially friends of GTA III GTA found in: Vice City many successful improvements. The game is currently only available in the U.S. Mac App Store.


The download link leads to technical reasons in the Apple App Store.

  • more depth and realism than GTA III
  • many weapons, vehicles and scenarios
  • Graphics and sound compared to GTA III optimized
  • Orientation in Vice City requires some getting




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