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Temple Run 2


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Developer: Imangi Studios
File size: 45.0 MB
License: Free
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Temple Run 2 Free Download

Escape from the temple ... again

Temple Run 2 is the second part of Temple Run a simple dynamic game-run without stopping while avoiding obstacles, which is part of many dis and renewing with three-dimensional graphics that will appeal to fans of the first installment and new players.

As occurred in Temple Run, Temple Run 2 are an adventurer who has stolen an important gold amulet lost temple. The problem is that giant ape chasing you to crush and retrieve the amulet, so it will run non-stop running from him.

In Temple Run 2 will have the same gameplay from the previous release, enhanced three-dimensional graphics, new scenarios and obstacles more colorful. In addition, you'll have the usual collection of coins to unlock new characters and powers that will help you in the game. The ultimate goal: to get the highest score and unlock all achievements.

Temple Run 2 is not a revolution of the original game, but an update that will not disappoint , with far better graphics and with the possibility of resuming the race where you fell with the help of the corresponding gems-and micropayment.

In summary, Temple Run 2 appeal to those who enjoyed Temple Run leveraging the graphical features of latest Android devices. A user-friendly entertainment for hours and hours of service. Escape from the temple again with Temple Run 2.

Recent changes

  • In this update:
  • Minor changes

Note on Temple Run 2

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  • Improved graphics
  • It maintains the essence of the original
  • Characters to choose
  • Ability to save career
  • Addictive
  • Little novelty compared to Temple Run




Temple Run 2 screenshot

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