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Minecraft - Pocket Edition Demo Free Download

MINECRAFT - POCKET EDITION DEMO: Mine and build on the go

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Hema Bhandari


Minecraft - Pocket Edition Demo is a pocket version of the popular Minecraft. 




As the name suggests, you will have to "mine" these cubes, which can in turn be used to "craft" masterpieces. This game offers unique type of blocks, mushrooms, flowers and torches. You can use these items to make your own world of imaginary. Unlike the PC version, in Minecraft - Pocket Edition Demo survival is not an issue. Moreover pixelated graphics and ease of play are positives in Minecraft Pocket Edition Demo. The game lets you mine and dig almost anywhere. Prepare paddle, helmet and Android to play hours without stopping. It runs smoothly on an Xperia Play just like desktop.


Game Modes:

Creative mode: like the original it has a creative mode where you have number of blocks to build whatever you want. As there is no save game, your pieces won’t last.
Survival mode: here you have to collect items and use them to create masterpieces and fight against monsters in order to keep going.  


Recent Updates:

chickens and cows
New crafting UI reachable from [...]Inventory -> [Craft]
press and hold to drop items from your selection
new damageable items
resources can be gathered
The controls are very responsive. The game offers useful touches including an auto jump that allows you to climb very easily which makes traveling so much easier. Overall, you can play Minecraft everywhere you go, beyond the limits of your PC.

If you love Minecraft PC or Minecraft Xbox edition then you should definitely try this app. The game is very much Minecraft. Sound effects and blocky graphics are the same. However touch auto-jump makes life easier time climbing and displacements are very intuitive. This game encourages creativity. One can learn to think creatively and explore new ideas. With experimentation, reasoning, imaginative thinking and creating new content, Minecraft pocket edition demo may give kids a confidence as they show off the masterpieces they have created.

Pros :

responsive controls
classic look
freedom within the game



game cannot be saved


Minecraft - Pocket Edition Demo screenshot

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