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Developer: Fingersoft
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License: Free
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Experience the most entertaining physics based driving game with HILL CLIMB RACING

Last Updated: 28/09/2013

Hill climb racing is one of the physics based driving game made for android. The game is simple that anyone can pick it up and play. The aim is to cover as much distance as possible. It is a race against your fuel tank on a variety of undulating terrains and gradients of hills, of which you can collect coins and catch fire on the way. You will be facing the challenges of 6 different hill climbing environments with 3 different cars. With each level, the game gets pretty harder. Basically the harder you race the more money you can collect. You need to beat your distance records in the game, with more money making opportunities. After some time you can gain some interesting vehicles. You can also upgrade and improve the handling of your car, open up new stages or you can buy a new car completely. Upgrades are divided into four parts: engine, tyres, suspension and 4WD. You will have to improve all of them to make progress. The controls are very easy to learn. As you move forward, you will learn that Hill climb racing is a game of patience and skill. Some sections you can race across, other requires control. You need to balance the brake and gas pedal to keep the car under control and to enable a fast and smooth ride. Too much brake on a descent will see you rolling forwards, too much gas on a climb will see you roll over backwards. However I do not like the music included in this game which looks quite repetitive and childish but that can be easily turned off. Overall this game is a fun to play. You will have to beat each level and thus you will easily get addicted. It is a perfect mobile game and a must download as it costs nothing to download.

This game is really very much fun because it gives you the freedom to try out and experiment different environments on different tracks. Moreover you can have various cars to use. You can earn coins very quickly. With each level, it gets little difficult which makes a little bit challenging. But if you enjoy challenges, you will like this game for sure. The gameplay is very easy that anyone can pick it up and play.

Hill Climb Racing games is recommend this to anyone who would want a fun app. And if you love driving and racing games, then you should definitely get this game.


Off-road driving to someone who understands Car

Hill Climb Racing puts to the test your knowledge about cars and about a very specific style of driving: the sport off-road or off-road.

In Hill Climb Racing, you will have to make a car and its driver achieve a distance specified by the game.This, making them cross land full of ups and downs, bridges and difficulties to reach the destination inteirinhos.

By the way, you can collect the fuel tanks to increase your chance to get further, and also coins, essential to improve the car. With the money collected, Hill Climb Racing lets you tune up the engine, suspension, tires and four-wheel drive .

Do not underestimate Hill Climb Racing seeing your graphics a bit childish. The game looks easy, but it has a high degree of difficulty and requires a constant balancing of forces to the car does not turn or the driver did not get hurt.


For technical reasons, the download link leads to the page from Google Play, from which you download the game for your Android.

  • Running mixture with logic
  • Lets you tune up the vehicle
  • Variety of terrains
  • Addictive Game
    Simple Controls
    Fun Graphics
    Upgraded Parts Like Tyres, Suspension and Engine
  • Charts children
  • Soundtrack is Irritating
    Game Play is Sloppy



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