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Developer: Gameloft
File size: 2.1 GB
License: Paid
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Take over the city of sin with Gangster Vegas

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Hema Bhandari

Gangster Vegas is definitely one of Gameloft’s best games.It is a complete brand new city with multiple cars and airplanes, and other amazing guns, and weapons. As soon as the battle begins with the opponents, the character will come from the losing fight to the succeeding end. The game has come with a great storyline of fighter who rules the city of Vegas after taking his revenge by killing the enemies. It is based on 80 missions who are about violence. You will kick, punch and shoot people. The graphics are the same as the previous Gangster Saints: Rio De Jenrio. Introduction of new bikes, the designed of heavy bikes, Angle bikes, and super bikes are excellent. Moreover we will have all those new cars, airplanes, helicopters and bikes that were seen in the GTA Vice City. In addition to that you can use various tools or buy new weapons like bullets, Rifles, Snipers, RPG, and Pistols to kill your enemies. When you have nothing then go kill the enemies with your style kick boxing as the character is a master of it. This time the game is purely fantastic due its high quality graphics, cars, shooting, aiming, and controlling the plane and Helicopters. All in all gangster Vegas is a must download game. You can download it on your ipad and Apple iphone from Appstore. It was almost $6.99 priced game on Googleplay.
Gangster Vegas is now available on:
Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 Qualcomm, Galaxy S4, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Xperia Z, HTC One, HTC One S, HTC One X, LG Optimus 2X and Galaxy Note.


Gangster Vegas is very much fun and acquired a great story which revolved around the city of the Vegas. The game has muscular cars, fighter gets, air planes, innovative weapons, easy control system and all the wanted things. The voice acting is good, city is fun to explore, graphics are superb, and there are lots to do. Similar to GTA it is the best open world game. 


If you are a fan of gangster Rio than you should definitely go for this game. Actually everyone can enjoy this app. especially meant for mature players.


The senseless violence arrives in Las Vegas

Gangstar Vegas is a game for mobile phones based on Android GTA style. Venture into the world of crime in Las Vegas, a city of luxury, money and illegal activities. 

Problems with the Mafia

Gangstar In Vegas you enter the skin of a fighter for hire that bothered a mob boss and now must fight for their lives. The protagonist of the game has a lot of personality and history is full of clichés, but that does not mean Gangstar Vegas is boring to play.Quite the contrary! 

A city on mobile

The world Gangstar Vegas is immense. In fact, it is nine times greater than the Gangstar Rio , the previous title in the series. Are 80 missions in total, which vary widely between struggles for money, chase villains or participate in racing through the city streets.

The quick play mode of Gangstar Vegas allows matches isolated as fights, assaults, and survival challenges against the clock. These missions are perfect to practice a bit.

You can use a large number of weapons in Gangstar Vegas, including pistols, grenades, Molotov cocktails, flamethrowers and baseball bats. In game store you can change your look with new clothes, haircuts and even a squirrel mask. Also clear that there are many options of vehicles ranging from mopeds and motorbikes cross the trucks and tanks. 

Dominating the streets

Gangstar Vegas controls are very similar to previous titles in the series. You walk through the scenario using a virtual pad and buttons used to run, shoot and interact with objects.

The controls to drive vehicles can be chosen between using the accelerometer, a direction arrow keys or virtual. The best is that you can select different controls for cars and motorcycles, for example letting cars configured with the virtual direction and the bikes with the accelerometer.

In the city map you can see where the missions should be performed, and various points of interest. There is the possibility to jump directly to the mission, without the need to drive from the starting point, which is quite useful. A minimap in the corner of the screen shows your position. 

A city full of details

The graphics are very good Gangstar Vegas, the same level as mobile versions of  GTA III and  Vice City . The city of Las Vegas is full of details that make you dive into the story.

The animations are also very good and the characters well done, despite the voice acting is not the best. 

Better than GTA?

Gangstar Vegas is so similar to Grand Theft Auto (GTA) that sometimes you even forget you're playing a different game. The end result is so good that you will hardly find another title for best mobile phones in the same style, including his own GTA. 


For technical reasons, the download links to iTunes, from which you download the app directly to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Ganstar Vegas is not yet available in the AppStore Brazilian.

  • City scenery very large
  • Many missions
  • Very fun
  • Quick play mode
  • Numerous weapons, items and vehicles
  • Great graphics
  • Entertaining
    Great Storyline
    Stunning Graphics
    Introduction Of The Air Planes
    Excellent Game play Mode
    Innovative Weapons
    Good Voice Acting
    Amazing Stunts
    Ragdoll Effects
    Wild Gun Wars
  • Dubbing the characters weak
  • So Many Side Quests
    No Multiplayer
    No Gyroscope to Aim
    Controls Sucks Sometimes



Gangstar Vegas screenshot

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