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Developer: Creative Mobile
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DRAG RACING – Make your way to the top

Last Updated on : 28/09/2013


Drag racing is quite similar to Need for speed, but it does not have any driving in it and the graphics layout is also different. As the name suggests, it is a race between two cars going down in a straight way. The aim is to beat an artificially controlled enemy in order to win the race. The core gameplay is simple. You start with a low budget car which is obviously not the best, but it will help you going in your first race. When the girl in the middle waves her flag, the race starts. Press the accelerator pedal in prior so as to build up enough speed and as the race starts, press it again to get a flying start. Once the race starts, you need to focus on the speedometer and change gear which can be done by pressing '+' key to shift up and '-' key to shift down a gear located on either side of the steering wheel. The game is divided up into several levels consisting of various races. You can race against a pro, amateur and beginner. As you win races and make progress, you will earn more money. Now you can upgrade your car or you can completely buy a more expensive and higher performance car by spending the money you win. Besides cash you will have to earn respective points as well. They are essential for more advanced car upgrades and painting the cars. But you can only earn them by defeating boss battles and winning online races. Thus drag racing is a challenging game. Moreover you can also challenge other players online in different modes like Pro League and Driver's Battle. The game offers realistic sound tracks and music, amazing 3D graphics, realistic controls and fantastic racing animation. All these features makes drag racing a must have for your android.


Drag racing is the most addictive racing game with realistic controls and graphics, updated regularly with new features. It is fun and competitive racing game. From cool 3D graphics, to sound effects and music, to realistic controls, to racing animation, you will see that it is a must download smart phone app. Moreover you are not only playing against software but you can gain friends and race against them in real time.


Drag racing targets everyone who loves racing games. If you are a fan of sport, then you should definitely go for this game.


Step on the phone and run at full speed

Drag Racing is a very original car game for Android. Here, what matters is to accelerate to the maximum and make the opponent eat dust.

Feel the thrill of racing dragsters on mobile. Drag Racing competitions are short, fast and very exciting, and most importantly are the settings of the car and the accuracy of the pilot time to accelerate and change gears.

Buy and sell cars, make adjustments in fireballs and participate in online contests . Do not be fooled by the simple graphics of Drag Racing. The game is very fun and addictive quickly.

In drag racing, each car has its strong point: the small ones are best in competitions compact, and higher in long distance. It is essential to know the machines to know the exact time to change the gear and when to trigger the nitro.

The behavior of cars in drag racing is very realistic and takes into account the weight, power and grip of each fireball. A fast and well done game, to play anywhere.


For technical reasons, the download link will direct you to the Play Store, site from which you download the program on your Android.

  • Addictive game
  • Realistic behavior of car
  • Racing online
  • More than 50 car models
  • Realistic Controls
    Totally Free
    Awesome Time Killer
    Stunning 3D Graphics
    Race Against Other Online Players
    Upgrade And Tune Car
  • Simple graphics
  • A bit repetitive
  • Shifting is Tricky



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