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License: Free
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Call of Duty ELITE Free Download

Call of duty ELITE: track your call of duty action wherever you go!

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Hema Bhandari


Call of Duty ELITE for android is the official app of the CoD Modern Warfare 3 and CoD Black Ops. It is not only about killing people but making friends, winning real world prizes and improving your online skills.

Gameplay :

It has three core sections. First is Improve which helps you access to more stats. It has entire information of your
Modern Warfare/ Black Ops career like who killed you, where you spent your time hiding, what gun you used etc. It will also provide you information and explanation of every gun’s pros and cons. A combo of charts, graphs, hints and tips, it is like having a personal trainer.
Second is Connect. You can track your Xbox live pals and random gamers here. You can create and join groups and compare your stats to theirs.

Last is Complete section. Here you can have an opportunity of winning real world prizes ranging from coffee coasters to trips around the world. Causal gamers also have a chance to grab some goodies.


improve your call of duty skills by watching call of duty elite TV episodes.
apply call of duty clans through Clan HQ feature.
if you are already a clan leader then you can edit clan information and ‘message of the day’.
you can view deep layers of statistics to watch your areas of improvable.
you can view recent matches and streamed matches from call of duty tournaments.
make progress and unlock various features and view XP gains.
The game offers view summary of your career and data as the relationship "kill-to-death", points per game, hours of fighting, etc. You can review your past fights, perfect your strategies and modify your weapons and equipment through your device. Those changes are applied automatically in video games or PC.



Call of duty elite is a handy tool for all call of duty fans. If you are a fan of call of duty, then you must download call of duty elite. Overall the game is fun, challenging and full of action. The app is totally free and it will help you in becoming a better call of duty player. It is the best way to keep track of stats on the go.

Pros :

free app
access your online profile call of duty
compatible with PS3 and Xbox accounts
all statistics from modern warfare and black ops





Call of Duty ELITE screenshot

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