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Founded in 2013 and headquartered in UAE, TechMozer Fze is an independent developer of software programs and web solutions. 

Our main focused on innovation and rich user experience, we are team of the best talents to grow great ideas and design and develop efficient and easier to use products for our global userbase. 

We're always looking ahead for more, the next way to make something you never thought could be better or easier to use. 

We love the feedback about our products which lets us build something people really want.
If you want to share your ideas or suggest new features to improve the products - please send us feedback. It's win-win.

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Most popular

  1. 1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 License: Open Source
  2. 2. Slender
  3. 3. Minecraft
  4. 4. Surgeon Simulator 2013
  5. 5. Grand Theft Auto IV
  6. 6. GTA IV San Andreas
  7. 7. FIFA 13
  8. 8. Call of Duty 4
  9. 9. Terraria
  10. 10. Steam
  11. 11. Bus Simulator 2012
  12. 12. Roblox
  13. 13. Sumotori Dreams
  14. 14. FIFA 12
  15. 15. Happy Wheels
  16. 16. Minecraft Beta
  17. 17. Euro Truck Simulator
  18. 18. DayZ
  19. 19. Bandicam
  20. 20. Razer Game Booster
Removal: If you are the publisher of a Game title and wish to have it removed from, please send us a message via email at contact[at] including, your name, company, job title, the title of the game, and the reason for the takedown request. We will then contact you within 48 hours to verify your identity and your request will be actioned within a further 48 hours.